Friday, December 29, 2006

Creativity in Indian science

Kapur, (1997) Reports the findings of a preliminary inquiry which is part of a larger project on creativity among Indian scientists from a psychological perspective. The aim of the project is to explore the scientists' cognitive and emotional approaches to work, to understand their personality patterns, and to examine the psychosocial influences which have shaped them. The preliminary inquiry included a review of literature and an open-ended interview with 20 scientists (aged 42-59 yrs) who were asked about their definition of creativity, their understanding of creative processes and the personality characteristics of creative people. In addition, information pertaining to the impact of Indian culture on creativity and child rearing practices and codes of interpersonal relationship in India was also elicited. Interview findings were subjected to a qualitative analysis, critically examining the scientists' views against the available literature on Indian character.

Kapur, RL., Subramanyam, Susmita., Shah, Anisha. (1997). Creativity in Indian science. Psychology and Developing Societies. Vol 9 (2): 161-187


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