Friday, December 29, 2006

Culture's influence on creativity: The case of Indian spirituality

Bhawuk (2003) In this paper, the author posits that people strive to excel in areas that are compatible with their cultural values. Since spirituality is valued in the Indian culture, it is argued that creative geniuses are readily channeled in this field of human endeavor. A historical analysis followed by a case-analytic approach using three cases is applied to examine the thesis. By building on existing theoretical frameworks, a general model of culture and creativity is presented in which culture, Zeitgeist, and genius are postulated to have reciprocal relationships in shaping creative behaviors. This paper also points out how some culture theories are unable to explain this process. Implications for theory and future research are discussed.

Bhawuk, Dharm PS. (2003). Culture's influence on creativity: The case of Indian spirituality. International Journal of Intercultural Relations. Vol 27 (1): 1-22


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