Friday, December 29, 2006

Exploration in literary creativity: Some preliminary observations

Srivastava & Misra (2001) try to explore the concept of creativity. Notes that creativity has been conceptualized in the West in terms of novelty and appropriateness of a product. In contrast, the Indian view is more process-oriented. It involves the experience of personal fulfillment. Its conception pertains to the primordial realm, or the expression of an inner essence or ultimate reality. To understand the nature of literary creativity in the Indian context, this study examined the contributions of Jnanpith awardees, the highest literary award in India, employing a case study approach. This paper reports some of the preliminary observations of the study. In particular, it analyzed the life course (such as awardees as prodigies, their frustration and sufferings, education and occupation, marital relationships, nonconformism, and contemporaneity in creative writing), network of enterprises, and creative process of the Jnanpith awardees. The creativity of Indian litterateurs is characterized by multiplicity in network of enterprises and the creative work aims to bring welfare to the humankind. The study has implications for understanding the indigenous nature of creativity in the Indian context.

Srivastava, Ashok K., Misra, Girishwar. (2001). Exploration in literary creativity: Some preliminary observations. Psychological Studies. Vol 46 (3): 148-160


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